This project
is all about
bike data

Our aim is to create impact by showing where and when people actually bicycle. More data means more influence over those in power to make cities more sustainable and bike-friendly.

We need your help!

To make this work we need to ask you for a simple favor. We need to know where you ride your bicycle. The collective data gives us patterns we can use to demonstrate our cause.

Some people already track their activity for training purposes. That’s great but we also really want to take into account the short routes. Commuting to work or when you just take a quick ride to the grocery store.

Who's the
data for

People who work in departments of transportation and city planners around the world need data like this to help them develop modern infrastructure and sustainable cities. Some of them are aware and others we have to convince. And the more data we can provide, the greater impact we shall have.

The data can also be very useful for other bike related products and services. The common goal is to make cities better adapted for bikes. For us and the people to come.

  • 510,979,987
    total data points
  • 5,670,970 km
    distance collected
  • 359,807
    rides collected
  • 2,953
    total cities
  • 39 min
    Average duration
  • 17.02 km/h
    average speed
  • 11.17 km
    average distance
  • 737.23 tonnes
    CO2 saved
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Let’s make
cities for

Besides the obvious benefits of reduced pollution and citizens who exercise there’s another fact. Bikes take up way less space and a lot of cities are overcrowded. Growth is one of the biggest and most complex challenge cities face today. Gridlock costs Americans 121 billion USD every year in time and fuel. In Los Angeles 70% of the area is dedicated to roads and parking. In São Paolo commuters spend nearly 3 hours in traffic every day.